About this Server

trashserver.net is by far not the only german (or european) XMPP server. Nevertheless I try to offer a special XMPP server based on the following beliefs:


No personal information is required to create an XMPP account. I try to reduce the logging of user activities to a reasonable minimum so that the privacy of each user is protected at all times. Only I as the only admin have legitimate access to the server. [Also see: Privacy]


Current XMPP standards enable a very secure exchange of messages - you just have to use them! I consistently use the latest encryption methods on the server and block the connection establishment via insecure channels. To me “Compatibility with outdated clients” is not an argument against strict but secure security requirements.

Modern Messaging

As soon as it is technically possible and reasonable, new XMPP extensions and best practices will be implemented on this server. Specifically, the full compatibility with the XMPP flagship project “Conversations” is important to me, which has undoubtedly helped XMPP to new splendour in recent years. (Also see: XMPP compliance report )

Personal Contact

The users of trashserver.net can contact me via e-mail or XMPP. I try to answer questions about XMPP, suggestions and other concerns in my spare time.

Continuous maintenance and care

Too many XMPP servers are poorly maintained and do not meet current requirements for reliable and secure instant messaging. With trashserver.net I provide an XMPP server, which is continuously maintained and updated to the best of my knowledge. Maintenance work is not postponed but carried out promptly - even if this means that the service is interrupted for a few seconds.

Green power

If energy is to be used in data centers, then at least green electricity, right? This XMPP server has always been operated exclusively with pure green electricity from renewable energy sources. Efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning technology contributes to environmental protection in the data center.

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