Server technics

The XMPP server is operated with Ejabberd 21.01.

Compatibility / Compliance

XMPP Compliance test at

Encryption and security

Self signed certificates are not accepted for practical reasons, because the server must be able to determine the validity of foreign certificates immediately (!) and on its own(!).

Alternative connections: BOSH / Websocket / Tor Onion Service / XMPP over TLS

Service URL / Host Port
BOSH 443
Websocket wss:// 443
Tor Onion Link (v3) xiynxwxxpw7olq76uhrbvx2ts3i7jagqnqix7arfbknmleuoiwsmt5yd.onion 5222
XMPP over TLS 443

Note: It is not possible (and also not necessary) to offer a valid TLS certificate for the.onion address. Since access via.onion is already sufficiently secured, a check of the offered TLS certificate can be omitted. However, this does not apply to access via TOR and address (without.onion link) The http_upload module also works with the normal DNS and classic connections to the Internet when using the.onion address. A “normal” Internet connection must therefore be possible in parallel for its function.


If you’re interested in the server configuration and you would like to get inspired by it, feel free to visit the public XMPP GitHub repository!